GOLDENPYRE “In Eminent Disgrace” & demo reissue

Artwork for Goldenpyre‘s new album “In Eminent Disgrace” as well as their demo reissue.





“ACEDIA” – new graphic novel


“ACEDIA” is my new graphic novel and it has just been released one week ago.

Published by Chili Com Carne, it’s 104 black & white pages in English and Portuguese that tell the tale of Daniel, a man with a rare disease and how his condition triggers a new way of coping with his own life and obsessions.

Currently available through Chili Com Carne webshop or at BdMania, Mundo Fantasma, Letra Livre, Linha de Sombra, El Pep, Tigre de Papel, Artes & Letras, Fatbottom Books (Barcelona)… soon at Matéria Prima, Utopia, Bertrand…

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I’m releasing a book through Universal Tongue!!!


UT41 ICONOLATRY – André Coelho’s rock injected artwork for the music business

With his consistent graphic work throughout the years, André Coelho has become one of the top designers in the Portuguese underground scene, having worked with the main bands and event promoters. While no newcomer to the print medium, he now presents, for the first time, his collected works for the music scene in book format, art made specifically for album covers, concert posters and merchandise. A visual feast of skulls and Vikings. METAL… MORTE…”

This new release will be made available to order on June 20th, however attendants of Masmorra Fest (a great underground fest being held in Portugal next June 18th) will have the chance to buy it earlier and even get it signed by the author.

76-page book, 15×23 cm, full color. Limited to 100 copies. Includes a numbered postcard.