Sewer Goddess – Disciples of Shit

A few months ago I did the artwork for Sewer Goddess “Disciples of Shit” CD, released on Malignant Records. The whole artwork was built from sewer images, waste textures, scrap metal pieces and other rotting graphics. As soon as possible, I’ll post a few photos of the disc.

Here’s the label description:

“Having sold out of last year’s With Dirt You Are One CD within a few months span, supreme, Boston based cultists Sewer Goddess return to Black Plagve with Disciples of Shit: Live Waste, a fetid and raw collection of live audio crimes committed over a two year period from 2009-2010. Anyone who has witnessed Sewer Goddess live will generally know what to expect here, which is a more structured take on the death industrial, squalor filled atmospheres they’re known for. A more traditional band format adds layers of distorted and skuzzy bass, crashing percussion, and discordant guitar and meets head on with terrifying, blood curdling screams and the requisite churning mass of post mortem, electronic dirge.
5 tracks, most previously unreleased, that represent Sewer Goddess in the most raw, unclean, and unpolished of states….as if you’d want them any other way! In 6 panel digipak, designed by Andre Coelho (Sektor 304).”




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