AltCOm exhibition

 Poster for my exhibition in Sweden’s AltCom festival. I used some of my drawings along with illustrations of Ana Biscaia, Jucifer and André Lemos.

Four artists from Portuguese Chili Com Carne, Jucifer, André Coelho, André Lemos and Ana Biscaia, each with their own distinct style, combine their works for an exhibition on the theme of No Borders.

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Galleri Ocampo (Mitt Möllan, Malmö) | November 8-21
Opening Nov 8, 12-18
Mon-Fri 12-18 | Sat 10-16 | Sun closedIn 2011, we showed the CCC exhibition FUTURO PRIMITIVO at Galleri Ocampo in Malmö. Now we present four artists from the same group, at the same place. All four are accomplished drawing artists with their own unique styles. You will like it.Ana Biscaia
Ana Maria Biscaia was born in 1978. She is an illustrator. Studied Comunication design at Aveiro University. Between 2006 and 2008 took her master studies in Illustration at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. One of her books Poesia de Luís de Camões para todos received a mention at National prize of illustration in Portugal in 2010. She works with several publishing houses and she collaborates in collective projects of comics and illustration.

André Coelho
[1984, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal] André Coelho has been developing his work as an illustrator in the field of Rock, Punk, Metal and experimental music by creating record covers, merchandising and poster. At the same time he releases unsuccecful fanzines and records through the label Latrina do Chifrudo that he created with Sara Gomes. He’s a regular graphic colaborator of Witchcraft Hardware and Malignant Records. Participated in Chili Com Carne’s anthologies Futuro Primitivo, Massive and Destruição. He is a member of the (real) industrial band Sektor 304 and slugde doom beasts Profan.

André Lemos
André Lemos (Lisboa, 1971) – Portuguese artist, illustrator, comics author and independent publisher. Has work featured in many solo and collective Portuguese and International publications. Editor of the indepent publisher Opuntia Books.
Selected works:
Quem É Este Homem?
Super Fight II – George Grosz Vs André Lemos
Word Games – Shaken Not Stirred
Embroidered Muscles
Charlottesville’s Preliminary Black Blooming
Some Dishonourable Creatures Attacked Us With Rubber Wrenches
Mediaeval Spectres Soaked In Syrup
An Intrusive Black Circle
Woofer Takeover Jubilee

Joana Figueiredo (1982, Lisbon) does zines since the late 90’s and have works of drawing, illustration and comics published in several books and magazines: Stereoscomics Special SPX (France), Milk+Wodka (Swizerland), Mutate & Survive, Mesinha de Cabeceira, Cabeça de Ferro, Modern Spleen (France) and many others, such as her own publications. She’s a member of Association Chili Com Carne and the founder of the extinguished art collective Crime Creme.

Chili Com Carne
The Chili Com Carne association is a non-profit artists’ organization, whose functioning is established upon the free and spontaneous cooperation of its members. Since it’s foundation in 1995, we have promoted and developed a series of events in the field of the arts, such as the organization of exhibitions and publications. We favour a line of action that privileges the independence of the artist, in the context of the diversity in form and content that shapes the contemporary cultural and artistic scene. Since 2000, CCC is working mainly in edition publishing their members work in collective or individual books or zines. CCC publishes’ literature, comix, illustration, essays / critic and music supporting other members editorial projects and promoting DIY ethos and pathos. CCC has been in Sweden to represent it’s work in the Stockholm SPX, AltCom and the TRAUMA noise festivals. Authors have been special guests in some of these events, like Jucifer (SPX 2008) and Marcos Farrajota (AltCom 2010). In 2011 the travelling exhibition Futuro Primitivo was showed at ISV in Malmö as Primitiv Framtid.

AltCom 2012 website:
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