Mês: Fevereiro 2014

SEKTOR 304 “Engage… Forwards”

Artwork for SEKTOR 304 “Engage… Forwards” 7”ep, released by New Approach Records. Take a listen to the tracks here and then buy this thing. There’s also a special edition in a metal box containing 3 extra cdrs and a small fanzine, but we’ll get back to it later.

The artwork is a mix of paper collage, watercolour and digital techniques.






No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

In January, Stephen Petrus, mastermind of Murderous Vision lost his house and his belongings in a fire. Malignant Records organized this compilation to raise funds in order to help Petrus.

All the money collected from the sales of either the CD version or the digital download one goes directly to Stephen Petrus.

The release of this benefit compilation is scheduled for the 24th of February. Right now you can take a look at the list of collaborators and you can even listen to a couple of tracks on bandcamp:


Add this link to your bookmarks and go on, buy this thing once it’s out.

And by the way, the art was developed by me using original photos of Pauline Lombardo.







Artwork for the MARTIN BLADH & SEKTOR 304 collaboration cd, to be released through Annihilvs Power Electronics this year. The art for this record was developed from the original collage work made by Martin Bladh, that you can see here. There is an obvious connection between the text and images, both developed by Bladh, which were the basis for the development of this record.

You can hear the first track, in its unmastered version on the link below: