by André Coelho & Manuel Neto

Published by CHILI COM CARNE

144pages, b&w + colour, 16,5×23

(publisher’s press release)

I define Inner Space as an imaginary realm in which on the one hand the outer world of reality, and on the other the inner world of the mind meet and merge. Now, in the landscapes of the surrealist painters, for example, one sees the regions of Inner Space; and increasingly I believe that we will encounter in film and literature scenes which are neither solely realistic nor fantastic. In a sense, it will be a movement in the interzone between both spheres.

J.G. Ballard


A transformation occurs on the CCC Collection with the release of its 16th volume. If during 14 years we intercalated a literature book with a graphic one (usually with Rafael Dionísio’s books and the comics anthologies), this editorial logic or even the distinction between those two formats is now overrun by the intrinsic nature of TERMINAL TOWER by André Coelho and Manuel Neto.

TERMINAL TOWER‘s creative process between artist and writer is positioned outsite the traditional comic book logic, in which there is a script to be adapted to sequential drawings. In this case, having the premiss of a man seculded in a tower in a state of alert, the book was developed simultaneously by both authors.
With the tower as a starting point, Coelho developed some drawings from which narrative ideas were taken and potentiated new illustrations which in their turn ran the all the narrative indefinitions forming a creative spiral.

The book’s central theme is a delirium triggered by paranoia, without making clear if the engage of the tower’s mechanisms is real or if it lies in the mind of the isolated man, since nothing seems to work in this ruin of the future, in which references to the derelict worlds of Enki Bilal, J.G. Ballard (1930-2009) and Industrial music – it’s not by mere chance that both authors also colaborate in Sektor 304 – can traced.

OFFICIAL RELEASE at the International Comics Festival of Beja, 31st May 2014, 15h45, with an exhibition of original illustrations.



CHILI COM CARNE online store

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