Mês: Setembro 2014


So, finally, TERMINAL TOWER will presented in Porto and in the finest way: during the awesome AMPLIFEST.

amplifest2014_terminaltower_blogThere will be an exhibition with lots of original art that will be held at Hard Club, from the 1st to the 31st of October.

On the 4th of October at Hard Club, Amplifest’s Day 1, at 3pm (15h) sharp there will be a special book presentation that will feature a film and a talk with both me and Manuel Neto, the co-author of Terminal Tower. Right after that you can get blasted away by YOB and the rest of the amazing bands of this year’s Amplifest!!

  amplifest2014_blogAlso, the official poster (above) was developed by me.


The TREVISO Comic Book Festival (from the 24th to 27th September) will have an exhibition entitled “Quadradinhos: sguardi sul fumetto portoghese”, which, as the name suggests, will be a collective show 14 Portuguese comics authors: Filipe Abranches, Joana Afonso, Ana Biscaia, Pedro Burgos, André Coelho, Jorge Coelho, Joao Fazenda, Afonso Ferreira, Francisco Sousa Lobo, Pepedelrey, Miguel Rocha, Rudolfo, Nuno Saraiva, José Smith Vargas.

My originals will be focused exclusively on the TERMINAL TOWER book, recently released by Chili Com Carne.

And to end in full glory, there will be a bilingual catalogue featuring short stories from all the authors.

The “Quadradinhos: sguardi sul fumetto portoghese” exhibition will take place at the Spazi Bomben / Fondazione Benetton, from the the September 27th to the October 12th .