QUADRADINHOS – Sguardi sul fumetto portoghese / Looks on Portuguese Comics


In the aftermath of the Treviso Comic Book Festival came a very interesting anthology entitled “QUADRADINHOS – Looks on Portuguese Comics” that feature short stories from all the participating artists and some with collaborations with others: João Fazenda, André Coelho with Manuel João Neto (same team of Terminal Tower), José Smith Vargas, Ana Biscaia (Best Portuguese Illustration Prize 2013) with João Pedro Mésseder, Nuno Saraiva, Francisco Sousa Lobo (The Dying Draughtsman, Art Review), Afonso Ferreira (Love Hole), Pedro Burgos, Filipe Abranches, Miguel Rocha with Susana Marques, Joana Afonso with André Oliveira, Jorge Coelho (Image, Marvel) with Paul Allor (from USA), Pepedelrey and Rudolfo (Negative Dad).

This anthology also includes a preface by Marcos Farrajota and a small History of Portuguese comics by Alberto Corradi.

The book is written in Italian and English.

You can buy it HERE (15€, free postage for EU countries)and soon in the following stores: Feira do Livro de BD e Poesia, El Pep, Mundo Fantasma, Matéria PrimaArtes & LetrasPó dos Livros and Letra Livre. Soon at FNAC, Bertrand,…

0304These are sample pages from my story, “The Slowest Hour”, together with Manuel Neto.


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