Mês: Dezembro 2014


É já amanhã que inaugura o Cave 45, o novo bar na baixa do Porto destinado a fornecer boas doses de musica ao vivo e não só. Finalmente.

Eu, assim como mais um punhado de outros ilustradores e afins, estive envolvido na decoração do espaço, mas isso só será revelado quando o bar abrir!!!!!

Amanhã A P A R E Ç A M ! ! ! !  SEM PERDÃO!


OUT OF CONTROL #2 – Josué o Salvador em busca da perdição / Profan tattoo!

Getting up in the morning, checking your email and finding this!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo, the man behind the Temple of Adoration Magazine has heard of Profan and Josué, o Salvador em busca da perdição and he decided not only to listen to our music but also to really like what we do. But he liked it so much he tattooed the record cover!!!!!!!! This made my day!

This demands for a listening session!

And here’s the original cover!!


ALTCOM 2014: Postapokalyps Anthology


cover by David Mack

Following the steps of the previous editions, this year’s ALTCOM offered a free anthology dedicated to the festival’s theme: PostApocalyps.

I gathered with Manuel João Neto in order to deliver another short piece, this time based on Maurice Blanchot’s “The Writing of Disaster”.

Below you can find the complete 5 page story entitled “On Disaster“, but don’t hesitate to contact AltCom to know how you can get one!

01 02_b 03 04 05_b

TERROR EMPIRE – The Empire Strikes Black

Illustration for the upcoming TERROR EMPIRE album!! Design by Rui Alexandre.

terrorempire_capaHere’s the band announcement:

We are proud to reveal our new label, artwork and release date for our new album “The Empire Strikes Black”.

Our next record will hit the shops on February 23rd, 2015 on CD and digital through Nordavind Records. We are very honored to have signed with them.

The artwork was drawn by André Coelho, a talented artist who captured exactly what we were aiming for. We will tour Portugal throughout 2015, so see you on the road very, very soon!

Full tracklist:
1. The Empire Strikes…
2. …Black
3. The Servant
4. Skinned Alive
5. Revolution Now
6. The Route of the Damned
7. Man Made of Sand
8. Reality Check
9. Protective Wolves
10. Strings of Rebellion
11. Good Friends Make the Best Enemies
12. Break the Cycle

Pre-order the CD for only €12 with free shipping at